Heart in Transit

Riding along the bumpy
tracks, making stops
along the way.

Only to find that some
stops made were the wrong

Landscapes upon each horizon
change from time to time.
Each place others bide for mine.

Trying to place itself in its
rightful place.

My heart is in transit.

Curves thrown into its path.
Holding tight to make sure
it last.

Watchful eyes guide its course.
Preparing it for the inevitable
safe haven or Heaven that it
will be bound to find.

Whispers of contentment fill
the air around.
Battling with wanting to find a place to settle,
without settling.
My heart is in transit.

No excuses to what life may bring.
No excuses to wanting everything.

Receiving what God promised
as mine.
Love overflows and seeps from
the pores.
Touches and kisses that say they
want more and more.

But does the ONE lie in wait?
No one is sure or certain to
be there to catch as I fall
time and time again…
in love.

My heart is in transit.

The journey makes it gather
Trials and tribulations makes it
The losses make it weary.

However strong it may be,
freedom to ardor is its craving.
Keeping search, it will find.
Keeping certain that the travels
are meaningful experiences.

Side to Side
along its voyage.

Heart in transit.

CallaLili 4/20/09

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