Lost, but grateful

In this time of thanksgiving I am grateful for many things. However, I’m also reminded of how lonely it can be when you are single. Sure I have lots of family and many good friends. But having that connection and sharing this time of year with someone special is, well, special!
Right now in some ways I feel lost. Lost in what I should be doing while I wait for God to bring my special One along. Lost in desiring more but having to be patient. Lost in not wanting to settle on just anyone and not being someone they are just settling on.
In the midst of being lost, believe it or not, I’m still grateful. Grateful for the lessons I’m learning along the way about others and myself. Grateful for the various people have met because they are wonderful to know. Grateful that it is making me wiser everyday. Grateful that I know and have the capability to be loved. That is what being grateful is all about…showing love.

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