I was reminded today how important it is for me to express myself…
At times I have been told that I can be “reserved”…but little do they know that I best express myself in written form.
Therefore, I am feeling inspired to write more. So hopefully, pray for me, that I can keep up my blog on a daily (at least weekly!) basis. I love writing, I love expressing myself, I love the way writing makes me feel more whole.
You know there are days when I feel like I don’t quite know myself, but when I write…things seem to figure themselves out. Change happens, life happens, content happens, and sometimes, I find patience or a new idea in it.
So today, I feel INSPIRED! I will write again…maybe I will finally tell my story in 2010…it isn’t much..but I’m hoping that it can make a difference some way some how to someone…
That’s what I’m all about..making a difference! Inspiring to empower….remember that!


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