Trying to find my Merry

I know the holidays are upon us… I even my Christmas decorations up. But you all, I’m missing my joy and merriment right now. In fact, this minute, I’m hating the holidays. Yes I did say that. But this is what I mean by it.
I’m trying keep up with a schedule of parties, gatherings, and dinners. Among that I’m also trying to figure out the “perfect gifts” on a furloughed budget for my loving family, friends, and randoms who may gift me and out of guilt I will gift. Can you say stressed with a capital S??!

So this is the thing… All year we should gather together just to celebrate being a part of each others’ lives. We are not perfect, therefore, perfect gifts don’t exist unless it signifies the true reason for the season… Giving love and peace unto others. However it may look and whenever it is given… Year round!
Flee commercialism…. I’m thinking about going back to my roots and beliefs this year. And I realized this all while watching the Charlie Brown Christmas special 🙂
Find your true joy and merry in this season… For I’m on the journey to find mine! My mom says the lights of the tree should represent the love that is possessed by the residents… So I will look at my lights and think of the love I want to share…

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