Love Letter

Back in the day, most of my relationships began with a simple note of “Be my girl? Check yes, no, or maybe” Once yes was checked…it began! It was so simple and sweet.
Then as I grew older, found new loves, heart broken and mended over again. Through it all, I received some of the best and loving of love letters and little notes. Even one ex took time to pen his affectionate words on beautiful paper he bought specifically for letters to me. During this time, I think that’s when my love for love began.
As time continues on, we are submitting ourselves to some quick text messages and emails…. Gone are the days of the traditional, paper love letter. Where the author spent time on finding the right words to express himself. Gone are the days when my heart would flutter when I recieved a love letter in the mail. Gone are the days when I would find clever ways to respond to them.
Wow… I truly miss love letters! And even still I hope those days are not truly gone!
Write a love letter to someone today…express yourself! Hope I get one too! Smile 🙂
Peace, love, life

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