My Happy Place

Right now the weather outside is everything but delightful…rainy, a little cold…but I’m in my happy place! It is warm, fuzzy feeling, butterflies fluttering, sunshine being golden….yeah, it can be that GOOD! I feel sooo happy and good about where I am in my life right now! So many reasons to be blessed and not enough not to be! When I wrote the following poem, initially, I was sad…in a place where I wasn’t sure how to feel about me…but towards its finishing, I began to arrive in a ‘happy place’. Hope you see it that way as well…enjoy! And find your Happy Place today.

To know Myself is to love Myself

To know myself is to love myself
But as a walking contradiction
How can I know…?
Within, I still feel like a shy one, who felt that the skin she was in, wasn’t the IN kind of skin.
Fading into black, being ever the sweet.
Beauty and love in the eye of it’s beholder is what I seek.

Part of me is shattered, this I do know.
In need of hope, empowerment, understanding, inspiration, and more patience than I have…. Something that your love might not can provide.
I need to release my heart, if you are to come in.
Forgive myself for the pain I sent it through, when it did fall in love once upon the last time.
Fearful of falling again, but fearful not to.
Time moves on, I trust in that I loved me to know that I was in need of more.

Looking at a mirror but seeing the differences in what I am as I stand and what I am staring back at.
Acceptance of flaws and uphold to enhance, compliment.
Unconditionally, unselfishly give unto the favor I deserve and seek. No more wanting it to come from you.
More meaningful when my alter ego gives in…
Letting go and pardoning us for her past transgressions.
Admitting that we are one and becoming stronger…
When she appears, she hides behind words still.
She needs to let go of the anger that beholds.
Seek permission to love again. To believe in love…Starting with the within.

Faithful in the journey, I am striving to become.
Listening to soul and wisdom.
Sit still, be quiet, and let life happen as it should.
Wanting warmth to wrap peace over all the pieces scattered sinfully.
Face the world whole, no longer dismantled
Believing in pretty promises made through an insatiable sanity of a desire to live life in an extraordinary existence.
Deciding on defining my next decade as becoming a Phoenix rising among the lotus flowers
Renewal, rebirth of my tranquility, serenity
Unearthing who I am to myself… And beginning to understand what falling in love with her is about.


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