Never perfect…just believe

I know that we nor the world around is perfect…but yet I continue to believe in the good of them some way, some how. I also apply this belief to the subject of Love. Hence, something that I have awaited in doing will be birthed soon! There have been many times that I found love, or it found me and neither us were perfect and time, time again I still believed in it. And it in me. Often this experience formed itself into lyrical words…my poetry.

I am in the the beginning process of publishing my work of poetry, “Never perfect…just believe“. Such an exciting and amazing time! I have been enjoying this “pregnancy”, however, I know that the time is soon to introduce my little baby to the world. She has stirred within for many years and at the beginning of this year, I made the decision that it was time.
As I continue through the process, please pray for me and this project, my friends.
I will keep you posted on the outcomes and updates. I look forward to sharing this with you….
Peace, Life, Love

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