It’s only possible to live happily ever after on a day to day basis! -D.B.

I consider myself to be a great lover of words and a collector of quotes, especially in beautiful quotes like in today’s title. Sometimes reading certain words make me just giddy or fill up with sunshine. Writing and forming words into poetry or even in this blog can give me mental orgasms. For a very long time, my affair with words has been a long time in the making and don’t see it coming to an end anytime soon :).

However, the ability and skill to know how to read and write is something that I take for granted. It is sometimes beyond me when I think of those who do not know how or do so on a very low proficient basis. Literacy is something that is not talked about in community. But a part of uplifting and uniting our community begins in being able to communicate effectively. We need to help those who do not know how to communicate that well due to illiteracy. Find a way to help by reading to young ones, command that older kids speak correct English, and encourage adults to find literacy programs to help them with reading and writing. Let them all know that this is the Next Level kind of stuff that we need from them. We are life learners… and day by day we can do things to create our happiness in the Happily Ever After.

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Peace, Life, Love


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