Yes, you can tell that I am visiting because I’m riding a bike!

Just returned from a much needed and well deserved vacation to South Carolina. Original plans included going to the Gulf of Mexico, however, were switched up to Hilton Head. After slight initial disappointment, I began to get excited for a few reasons: we were able to find something last minute(thank God!),we were still going on vacation(blessings!), and I was returning to a place of the vacations of my youth.

The main thing I learned this past week was that vacations are NECESSARY. I mean, my level of sanity has been renewed and releveled out. I can once again think like a sane woman. I am no longer feeling “tired”, “bland”, and “used up”. I haven’t been on a real vacation (AKA-The Beach) in quite a while. I didn’t realize how much I missed it and would learn until we met again.

The little quips that I got from this vacay were:

1. That riding a bike (the main transportation this week around the island) was more freeing than I remember. At first I was a little frightful about getting back on the thing. I hadn’t ridden a bike in about 20 years! But once I got on and got the hang of it, I was gone! Physically and mentally. Riding freed me in ways that I forgot and has inspired me to want one here at home. The wind on my face as I rode represented just the release I needed. The bike rides all week added greatly to the vacation.

2. The waves+ the breeze= ultimate relaxation! The beach is a true wonder, not only scientifically (how is all of that water possible??!) , but I also lost track of time on it and found a true way to relax. That level of relaxation can not be bought or found anywhere else. I let my mind just go and my worries floated on those waves to whereever(I could care less!). Most of my time on the beach was spent playing in the sand right on the shore(where the water and land met) and having priceless, mindless conversations with my sister and make plans for the future with my boyfriend. It was great.

3. Learned that life can not be full unless vacations are involved. I made myself a promise that we will not miss this experience anymore! I have absorbed all of the sounds, sights, smells, emotions, and overall experience. In doing this, my hope is to be able to “revive & relive”  my vacation when I need a “moment” to regroup and refocus.

4. Although I visited this area as a child for vacations, it seemed new to me again. I was able to remember how it used to be and create new memories. Especially of how special my nieces are to me. They had an awesome time and it made me want to be able to give them more time like this as well as to my little ones (when the time comes!). Looking back, the time we spent on vacation as kids made a powerful impact on my childhood and how I grew up. It is definitely key to how I want to raise a family one day. We have already said that next year, our whole families will be in attendance! What fun!

5. Another thing  l learned to do was to love myself more, especially my TANNED self! (smile). First day at beach, with sunblock on for sure, I got tanned and continued to get darker thru the week. At first, I was a little saddened….old memories of feeling “ugly because I’m very dark” slightly surfaced. But by the end of the week, I was strutting my golden darkness! My highlights in my hair were lighter and my skin glowed with a beautiful dark hue…I felt sexy! The tan is the one souvenir I love the best…it says that I was indeed at someone’s beach and living my life as golden as it’s hue is!

Showing off my new Tan at the top of the lighthouse…feeling like I’m on top of the world!

The Beach…a daily View

Vacations are more fun when you share them with those you love!

Peace, Life, Love


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