Transitions….and hoping not to get “lost” in Transition

In a week, I return to my “normal” life of work. At this point, I’m always excited about going back and all the new possibilities each school year holds. I also treat it as a new beginning to life…like New Years! So I’ve decided to that this year will be the start of my Transitioning period. And where and what am I transitioning into? Well, pretty much an overall healthier lifestyle. In the fall I will begin transitioning into natural hair, will cook more for healthier eating to lose weight (more shopping on the perimeter of the grocery store!), and doing a better job in connecting with the loved ones around me.
All this change has been beckoning to me for a while. Just recently, God has made my life feel uncomfortable…I don’t like anything about me! Now, don’t get me wrong..I still love me…but liking me, overall, is what I’m feeling. So changes will be made!
Glad that I’m the type that embraces change! Because this is going to be huge and great all at the same time!
I’m also hoping that this time will open up all types of opportunities for me…always looking to enrich and empower my life and for those around me. Just want it to be great…and not get lost along the way. Always need discipline! Once my mind is made up, it is pretty much a done deal!
I’ll keep you posted on it! Here we go….
Peace, Life, Love


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