Busy Mind

In any given moment of the day, I feel like I have a gazillion thoughts that are on a freeway in my mind! Some travel the speed limit, others slowly, and then you have those that are the dangerous, bad ones that deserve SuperSpeeder tickets! On some days it gets overbearing and I can’t concentrate on not one thing! Often I just feel uneasy, frustrated, and then anxiety sets in….what to do, what to do? Then the consumption on how to slow myself down sets in!

One thing that seems to consume my mind often is my creative brain… it won’t settle down. Whether I’m doing the right thing with my blog…should we go down the road of branding? What exactly do I want the blog to be about? Story-Telling?My poetry?  Only personal experiences- if so, why would anyone want to hear what I have to say? Even now…who is reading this!? I hope someone is…anyone…because I feel that my mind, as busy as it may be, has a lot to say. I want my blog to bring my mind a voice and life to some of these thoughts!

So, to put things to rest for now…I want my blog to be about whatever story I feel like I need to share…whether it’s mine or someone else’s. My prayer is that it can make an impact on someone…and most of all bring a new “air” to the way you view or think of something.

And as for my busy mind on other matters, we will be learning some meditation,taking walks, working out, and blogging to settle it!

Peace, Life, Love


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