Why we should Eat, Pray, and Love

About a year ago, The Book Club and I read the book, “Eat, Pray, Love” by Elizabeth Gilbert. In the book, the author left her “normal life” for a year to find herself and develop a new her and way of being.  As usual, we were somewhat split on how good the book was. However, we all agreed that what the main character did was bold and somwhat necessary.

Now, you don’t have to necessarily take a year sabbatical and travel to Italy (Eat),India (Pray), and Bali (Love). You can find all of those things right around you…if you make a conscious effort to do so! Let’s break it down like this:

Eat: The way the author explained it, eating is about pleasure. Especially when you eat with abandon and take your time to truly taste your food. It also could mean trying something new that you normally don’t eat. For me, I will embark on a journey of finding new recipes that are healthy, nuturious, and tasty! I am on a journey to loss weight, therefore, it will be great to expand my taste buds to healthier foods…Besides, cooking at home will be a quasi-new experience anyway! Smile.

Pray: The author traveled to India to learn “spirituality” through yoga and meditation. She wanted to learn from some key masters how to “quiet her mind”. I agree that spirituality is the key to “quieting one’s mind”. However, for me, prayer is the key. My private conversations with God whether they are in my head and heart  or whispered or shouted, are my prayers. I’ve even put my prayers into the form a poem. I am increasingly aware of its importance in my life, therefore, I want to keep moving forward in my walk. Be prayerful…anywhere and by any means necessary.

Love:  Although the author was running from love in the form of a broken relationship gone bad, she found love truly in Bali. Most love relationships that are the best for you are usually the ones we did not seek. Be found! One thing that I liked about this part is that she was going along living her life, enjoying her journey…and pow it just happened unexpectedly. My greatest love to date, the one I’m in now, occurred that way as well. I often sit back and think how crazy it came to be. I’ve known this man since I was 11 years old (longer than my best girlfriend!) and would not have thought he would be in life like this. We tell each other that God choose us for the other. And I didn’t have to go all around the world to find him! Smile. Love is also about loving yourself, having passion for the things in your life and what you do and find joy in.  More than anything, love is not a noun, but a verb…it is action!

In the end…nice story, great messages along the way…but I think I’ll be just fine eating, praying, and loving closer to home. Besides…isn’t that what life is all about?!

Peace, Life, Love


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