One Thing I Learned Recently


A key thing about me is that I consider myself to be a life-long learner and often amazed at the things I’ve learned over the years. However there is one key thing that I’ve learned recently….to let go + stay positive= Be Well!! That is my new motto…Be Well.

I’m learning to let things go that I can’t control or that does not matter to the “big picture”.This frees me up to think on and make decisions on those that do impact my life. I don’t have to please everyone in everyway everyday.

I’m also learning to find positives…it is soooo easy to find negatives in anything (for which I am guilty of), but spending that kind of energy is draining. Finding the positive uplifts my spirit and brightens my insides instead of dampening the mood.

All of this makes me be well.Taking care of myself is not something to feel guilty about nor should be put on the backburner. The key to my living today is feeding my spirit…possibly one of the most important things that I can do throughout the day…this is what I’ve learned.

Be Well!

Peace, Life, Love

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