And so it begins!

Today marked my 37th year of life….and it also officially begins my life with the love of my life….

We were all at brunch this morning at Park’s Edge (one of my fav places for brunch)  to celebrate my birthday. In the midst of our busy conversations, my love leans over and tells me that he loves me. I responded, “I love you too baby.” and then he grabs my hand. He asks, “Will you be my wife?” and slips a beautiful 1 carat solitaire  on my ring finger….WE ARE ENGAGED! And yes, I said yes…. (smile)

Since a little girl, I have dreamed of this moment and since sixth grade, I have known this wonderful man.I will admit, for the past few months, I have lamented on when he would pop the question and today took me by surprise. However, I have been planning my wedding for as long as I understood what one was….now that it is time for planning, my perception of a wedding has changed….I already know that I want a meaningful, loving ceremony that is about our love and a reception that is full of celebration with those that love us. And so it begins…the planning of such an occasion.  I hope that you all don’t mind indulging me (smile) as I go on this part of our journey. This wedding will be about reflecting what kind of marriage we want to have.

More than anything, it is the beginning of our life together…and I am more than ready! Thank you God!

Peace, Life, Love


One thought on “And so it begins!

  1. Carey says:

    court you are my all. i love to see the smile on your face. i long to hold you everyday and night! it is and will be great!

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