A little poetry for my fiance’….


My heart vowed matrimony to you before words were spoken through pomp, circumstance and rituals. Growing from the depths of camaraderie and the crosswords of destinies our love grew.

As imperfect as I am, I still want to be more perfect in every way for you. You tell me I’m beautiful and I often wish my view could be the same as you see. Looking in your eyes I see us growing old as one. Falling for you was easy, as an autumn breeze…staying there is even more unbelievably free. The very thoughts of you are the high I look for out of life. To be more than a wife…a best friend and mate in life’s voyage.

I want you to think the world of me. Accepting the best and finding a way to tolerate the worst of me. That I AM a light that brightens every night and even the day…. Sky is the limit and beyond-for us. You may not understand everything I may do or say.Please know that it is all for a reason, a better way. Apologies for getting hoggish of you, finding indifference in sharing and desires of whisking you away from it all tickle my thoughts. Learning more about and from you daily is pleasure.

Your voice is the salve to soothe, your arms the shield, and your kisses the peaceful side of passion that I seek. You make me feel like I’m not alone in this journey. You know not your worth, but I will make reminders of it everyday in many extraordinariness. Disappointed in my last lifetime, I greet your warmth with more than open arms…but an open heart in addition. Battered, bruised, bandaged and made over…it awaits only You. From your rib I must have been conceived from. Molded, broken in and given unto you. A present from your history that has much to bestow upon you now and to offer your future.

Even as I write this, words escape me how to narrate my feelings and their capacity for you. Measures beyond known. My perpetual muse. You are my best. You….You….only You.

-C. Arin

Peace, Life, Love


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