Being Engaged

Being newly engaged is a fascinating and thrilling feeling. The whole moment felt surreal, but the love I feel for my fiance’ is very real.

There is not a day that doesn’t go by that a question of our impending nuptials is asked…then someone said, you know, you need to document and journal this journey…you only feel this once in your life. So true…but on the flip side I didn’t want to be one of those brides that talked about the wedding adnasuoum!But I have been sharing my story(Her-Story) with you all, how could I not share this with you as well! So here we go…

We are planning an autumn wedding…next October to be exact, complete with beautiful shades of burnt oranges, dark taupes, and highlighted by bronzes . It is also a gorgeous time of year in Atlanta and one of my favs. We’ve finally made a decision on venue and know that the ceremony and reception at the same place. The vision is coming together…

And that’s just the thing! There are so many decisions to be made in order to have this Vision come true. But good people, that is the major source right now of my stress….WHAT IS THE VISION??! Like I’ve said before, this was a day that I had planned, in my head, for a long time. Now that the moment has arrived…the vision has been lost!

Why is it so important? Well, the next few decisions that I will need to make will be based upon this! I want this to be OUR celebration. It is not just my day, it is his as well and the day needs to reflect us both. Finding this vision is about defining who we are as a couple. I feel that we are so many things and that it would hard to pull all of that together..but some how we will! Now if we can also get this budget thing together…sigh..until next time…

Peace, Life, Love


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