It’s simple…but unfortunately I have been ignoring all of the signs. I usually know right away when I need a change. However, for what ever reason, I was not noticing right off. I believe the high (which I’m still on) from my recent engagement somewhat fogged and slightly diminished the normal signs.

I’m the type of chic that normally sees her “cheese” move every 4 years. Often times this is when I change to a new work site. Well, I think my “cheese” moved in the dark of night over the summer season! Left me behind, sniffing the air…just a faint aroma remains. This has stressed me out! It has made me not currently that happy! Finding it hard to have harmony and peace in all aspects of my life…the wine is not good without my cheese and crackers…cheese is missing!

So as they say, on to the next one! In the midst of planning an event of my life time, I have to find my new “cheese”…won’t be easy, but it’s not impossible. I’m ready for the challenge and more! Especially now that I have a partner in crime (and life) by my side to support me through the journey and counting all blessings along the way ! Love it!

Peace, Life, Love


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