Been a long time…

And I should not have left you! I still love my blog and I do miss sharing with you all…but please know that life is busy and God is Good! Now just to share a little piece of poetry with you all. In light of all the teen issues in the news… bullying, deaths, and anger this particular piece just rang inside of me and so here it is! Please enjoy and I’ll talk to you all soon!

Please Listen

Shhh don’t you hear it?

Shhh don’t you feel it?

Shhh don’t you see it?

Shhh don’t you smell that?

I’m our youth hear me roar.

I don’t want to be in crisis

Anymore, no more of

The anger that spells danger

Masking the depression and

Sadness I feel nor understand.

Please listen

My shout is louder and I don’t want to bite.

I am fighting for whatever, not sure what, with all of my might.

I push and shove without consequence.

And never once, until too late, do you acknowledge it.

When a short life is taken and gone…

You want to throw up arms,

yelling….we are in crisis and are always causing harm.

Then wondering what is it that WE need to do…

Not knowing what I need from you is clear to me

So finding my own way is key.

Please listen

You all blame my tragedies on the music, technology, and sins of the world.

They can not raise me.

But look within. The man in the mirror does not lie.

You are all knowing that you are not all that you should be for me.

You want me successful without putting anything into it.

Where will I learn this?

School does what it can do in its 8, but how much more

can they take?

First teacher is at home, ask yourself where were you?

Don’t shun me now. Don’t try to rule me now.

Reflections lie in the eye of the beholder.

How will I know what potentials I have if you have fallen short of your own?

Please listen

Feelings of invincibility and the cares of the now rule me.

My actions speak impulsiveness into a reality.

Did you know I do not yet possess the

capabilities to rationalize anything right on my feet?

Why expect this of me?

Please listen

Tattoos of words you speak are wrapped all around…











You will be nothing

They are stuck in my head.

Do you hear them? Shhh…please listen I want you to hear me.

You let them drip from your lips so carelessly.

I pick them up and use them to build my path-where will it lead?

They are my excuse to explain who I am to you.

Who you see before you.

A Youth in crisis.

Angry, unruly unyielding

Please listen.

Because you made me.

Now what?? Is it too late for me?

Shhh…Please listen.

Won’t you help me now? Show me how to find my way?

Please listen.

-c. arin


Peace, Life, Love


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