I’ve got a dress, a photographer….oh my!

Happy Holidays all!

The vacay time I’ve had off for the holidays is paying off for my wedding planning! I have put a deposit on the dress as well as the photographer with deposits to come shortly for venue!

This wedding is really going to happen! While I’m excited about the planning…I am more anxious and ready for the marriage! So in my time of getting things in order for the wedding day…I am also preparing for the day after, and the day after until we reach the death do us part part. I’m more nervous about the wedding than about being married. I really hope that this is a good sign! 🙂

As I am typing this, I also came across this tweet from Cornel West (yes, I do multitask! lol)…“Stay strong in your #love, and sometimes tough in your #love. Always make #love felt, not just said.” That is exactly my sentiment as I begin my reflections on marriage.  Everyone says that it is a 24/7 job…good thing that I am always open to challenges…they are the spice of life! I am also in the process of reading some books and will let you all know what I learn and think. I just hope that we find inspiration in our marriage and that inspires others.

Well now next steps…reviewing of this guest list (and yes it’s getting outta control-AGAIN!)  and needing to finalize stationary, website, look for a florist, bridesmaids dresses…and et. al. When I tell you that the planning checklist doesn’t end…please believe! Whooosaaahhhh It will all get done!As always, thanks for listening! Until next time…

Life, Laugh, Faith, Love


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