Day 2: Letter to my Crush

Dear You,


We kissed.
And it meant so much (at least to me).
There was so much more
said in it than words
could ever display.

Does it mark the beginning
of our story?
Or your dramatic way of
Saying this is the end even before we are anything?

Is a kiss just a kiss?
Can it mend and heal?
What did it all mean anyway,
you know, the other day?
Clear out the sky blue,
our lips met and flower petals

You became me
and I became you.
Even for the minute or two…

Then somehow I recovered
but in a mist of confusion.
Help me know…was it a figment of my imagination?

Oh how real the tenderness of your passion felt.
Fire, spice, everything nice wrapping me up….and then letting me fall
Head over heels and at one point
Heels over my head…

Yes, that is what I saw in that kiss.
Some kind of blissful moment,full of intense and immense energy.
How could it be that it happened just in that one?
I await for it to happen again.

Is there something that I may have missed?
Because I was just swept away by my thoughts of you
By a beautiful kiss.

Everything laid out for you to see
How can I be so weak, even more than just in the knees?!
Just because of a kiss…

Your lips on mine
Suspending time
Tongues intertwined
Melodies of moans
Because this taste soo good.

It had to  have meant something(to you too).
So let me off the hook, flip the book and tell me how this will end.
Fable, parable,myth, or a happily ever after…?

After a delay, you stare at me and say…”further research is needed in this matter”.
You lean back in
I lean forward
Waiting, watching sparks ignite
And I remark, ” I conclude that this will be a long night!”

And just think it started with a kiss
Clear out the sky blue, when
our lips met and flower petals
flew and we just knew….


Love eternally,

Your Crush


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