The Greatest Party of my Life!

Woke up this morning with new energy…for our wedding planning! I had been feeling a little down and somewhat guilty because of the costs of things.  I was in sticker shock! Stuck in a rut and couldn’t understand why it would be so much to do something…

But I had a dream about our wedding and felt when I woke up with a sense of calm… Most people that know me, know that I love planning and hosting great gatherings for family and friends! So now in thinking about our wedding, I see it now as the greatest party I could host for our family and friends! That is my new vision…a beautiful, great, fun party that will be to celebrate a new beginning!  Besides, my fiance’ deserves the best party ever! I look forward to planning it and making it so! Here’s to more great planning!

Cheers, Peace, Life, Love


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