This party is heading to….

As planning was in full swing…it came to an end. I decided that the direction of the wedding was not for us. It was not expressing the theme that I thought it would for our special day.

After some prayer, thought, and a few tears….I went to my fiancé and parents to tell them that I decided on a destination wedding! GASP! Here we are 7 months from our date and I change directions totally. Gratefully, everyone was understanding and the excitement began to commence again. Everyone is looking forward to it being a celebration and a little R & R! The more I think about our day, I see it evolving into one that is of intimate romance and full of love. Those that we care for and love will be there to witness our union and to me…that is all that matters!

On yesterday we met with a travel agent, Anita Anderson of Anderson Travel Advisors. Anita was very helpful in discussing the two options of locations that we presented her with. She is working on getting some comparisons to us this week (hopefully by week’s end). Once we receive that…we are well on our way to make a final decision on destination.

This will be a modern vintage event that is all about Life, Laughter, and Love!

Sooo should we go to the Dominican Republic (Punta Cana) or Jamaica (Montego Bay)???! Leave a comment to vote! I want to know what you all think! As always…

Peace, Life, Love


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