Love is such a powerful, wonderful, crazy, whirlwind, patient emotion and state of being. Everyone wants it even if they claim not to. Everyone looks for it everywhere.
I used to ‘chase’ it as well until one day I decided to let it find me. I had enough of its twists and turns with path I was on. Therefore, new path, new perspective and new results-it found me. 🙂
Today, New York made a big leap in the department of love…gay marriages will be legal. I come from the school of you can’t help the one you fall for. And I’m even further on a middle fence because I know that that type of love and marriage is sinful. Its against the teachings of the Bible. And that marriage is a scared vow in the eyes of the church and its between a woman and a man.
So as you see, this love thing is peculiar. There is no black or white…its all the way gray, or a ray of sunshine, or a rainbow…


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