It’s a calling…

Ever since I could remember, I loved to read! I love stories…whether they had a good or bad ending…it didn’t matter. They not only transported me to new places (brief escapes from my world), but they also gave me a peek into someone else’s life. That is the part that interested me the most…other people’s lives-trials, tribulations, happiness, drama….

Then this love turned into a calling…I didn’t seek to become a counselor, it sought me! I answered the call and enjoy hearing and becoming a part of people’s (specifically children-yes they too have amazing stories) stories on a daily basis. Now this calling is asking me to increase my boundaries! To dream and do something bigger….it is also calling me to come out from comfort zone!

I am going to begin to tell not only my life story but I want to share other people’s stories as well (with their permission, of course!). Often I have found that when others share their story with me, it is cathartic…a release…often the breath of fresh air that they needed.  And I will add that we can all learn from each other through this level of connectedness. Because that is what we crave…it is what we need….

So come with me on this journey…tell me your story so that I can share with others what we can learn together.

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Peace, Life, Love, Faith


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