How the Village was broken

“It takes a village to raise a child.”
As I ponder on that old saying, I wonder what happened to those times. When it was okay for you to have the support of your neighborhood, good or bad. Where is the village for our youth now? There is a part of me that feels that they are searching for that village. They think that will find it in gangs, violent mobs, and in the streets somewhere. Them being so transient does not help them to build roots anywhere either.

When the adults in their lives began to not trust fully in God, putting that trust into others instead, only for continued disappointment and let downs. We then removed our spirituality and only looked to divine intervention when we were in “a situation”. God wants out trust 24/7 and in turn will be there for us 24/7.  When that relationship exists, we can then begin to trust each other again and rebuild our Village!
Why is the Village important to our current existence?


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