First week of Twelve Thoughts

Sometimes your story unfolds in random thoughts throughout your day. As a part of my writing in the new year, I wanted to record those thoughts and at the end of each week, share them…for you never know how it may impact you or anyone else.

Stories of Living

-I’m going to live life my way. The only one that has to be pleased with it at the end of the day is the God in me. Period.
-People who drop their kids off at school an hour early for no real reason in 26 degree weather don’t deserve kids. Smh…
-Timing…timing is everything and I need to be more aware of it. And most all be patient with it. Timing!
-Journaling is my happiness project. I will learn this year how to live in the now and be Happy!

Stories of Love

-I learned my husband’s love languages and am excited in finding ways to “speak” them everyday in some way(small or big).
-Often, actually too often, we “connect” to our social medias/networks on our phones when in the car with others. Instead, we should take advantage of the “captive” opportunity to connect better with those in the car with us. I pledge to make this a habit.
-There are so many people dealing with challenges/problems especially of the mental and physical type. So blessed that my problems are not that great nor those types. Someone else can be worse off than you. Love my life.
-Trust builds through vulnerability. It comes through loving someone wholly and unconditional. Also have to remember to read my wife’s devotional daily.

Stories of Laugh

-Relax…you have to learn to because no one wants such a serious person around all of the time. Be serious about not taking yourself so seriously all of the time! Relax, laugh!
-Laughter feeds the soul. I want my soul fed more often. Will find laughter everyday!
-I enjoy the laughter I share with my friends, family, and especially my husband. I think sometimes people are surprised by my humor. It excites me to make others laugh….so happy that I make my husband laugh everyday.
-Just remembering the laughter and smiles is loved ones passed. That strengthens me and lightens my mood.

Twelve thoughts in the first week of 2012…lots learned and so much more to go! Love it!



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