Dear Love,

Dear Love,

Babe. Boo. Honeyboo. Babycakes. HoneyLove. So many names for the one person that my heart adores. This Valentine’s Day, I want to celebrate how you thrill me with your hugs, your laughter, your support,  and smile. The ease of your attitude keeps me at peace. You are my friend. My confidant. My Life Journey companion and mate. I am so happy to have found a home for my love within you. We are not perfect, but the love we have for each other is perfect for one another. The relationship with you makes me see how I was doing everything wrong before, so that I could do this one right. . I see us loving each other with all of our might. I look forward to our bright future of blessings and more in store for us. Thank you for always treasuring me and our marriage.

Today, I celebrate us and the love we share…Happy Valentine’s Day.


Your Wife

Peace,Life, Love, Faith


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