As Lenten season begins, I’m always in the mind frame of spring, renewal, revitalization, and change….however, I want to now approach this season differently. I want to have the theme of Recovery for this Lent.
I have given up on eating out and the hubby has gladly decided to join me in on this, there’s strength in numbers (smile). I decided on this because our bodies need to recover and we need to start a more healthy pattern of living. Eating out can not only put weight on us, it releases too much weight out of our wallets. Therefore, our household budget might also experience a Recovery.

There are other things in our lives that could also benefit from a Recovery…We will also focus on our spiritual walk with God-daily prayer and discussions about our spiritual relationship with God. We will focus on our relationship(and those with others), continuing to build a strong foundation for our marriage, and find more things to do in enjoying each other. We are also both looking to increase our influences in our career paths-returning to school, applying for promotions, etc. Therefore, during this time we will take steps towards reaching those goals.

Recovery is not always about overcoming something bad. It is defined as ” A return to a normal state of health, mind, or strength “…exactly what I hope to accomplish during this season. Recovery is what it will take to increase our greatness and continue our journeys in life. So, yes, this Lenten season will be about really stopping to smell the roses, counting the memories that take our breaths away, and not sweating the small stuff, but being blessed and asking for an enlargement of our territory.

Peace, Life, Love, Faith


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