What keeps you up?

Lately our home has been experiencing a case of insomnia. Often it is because of thoughts of things that I have little to no control over. Ranging from money matters to where we need to move to or vacation. Unfortunately, my husband has become a casualty of my late night/early morning “brainstorm” sessions. Before, it was just me so it didnt matter how late or when I got up to ponder and wonder. There were times when blog/writing ideas manifested themselves…stilll do! But now,my hubby feels me sit up and with back rubbing he tries to release my uneasiness….so good to have a partner in crime with this kind of thing.
Now I bounce things off of him and he helps me to see what we can control and what we can not. At some point we are able to fall asleep…of course waking in a new day with baggy, sleepy eyes and further clarity-new dawn brings clearer thoughts. And of course new challenges. But one has to remember that trouble doesn’t last always.
I know that I’m not alone in my night pasttime. These are stressful times we are in and must carry through. So I’m sure other people are up trying to think of ways to an end. I’ m finding that meditating on the concerns along with a prayer is the best cure than a warm glass of milk or counting frivilous sheep(what answers can they give you anyway? Baaaaa).
So I ask…what is keeping you up tonight?

Peace, Life, Love, Faith


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