Habits Learned

As you grow and develop in this world, most of what you learn comes from those around you. I’ve learned some very good standard life lesson type of habits/values from my family, especially the first woman I ever loved, my Mother. She taught me some of everything from how to show love and honor her and our family, clean up after myself and to have a habit of treating others like I want to be treated.
However, an unfortunate thing happened along the way. She “forgot” or at times didn’t show me how to honor and love myself. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not talking low self esteem here. She did show us how to put your families’ desires and needs before her, shopping for home decor was more fulfilling than shopping for
clothes (gasp…and definitely not more than shoe shopping!), and you can have a beauty salon in your kitchen or bathroom for not much. All of this done in a loving way…but…. On the other hand, today, I’m speaking of taking value in keeping myself up! Getting prissy…hair done…nails done…exercising…shopping for myself…all on a REGULAR basis. Sure I do these things, but I should be doing a better job of loving me and valuing that I want to be “kept”…at the minimum on a monthly basis and not to the detriment of hurting my self esteem.
So now I’ve got to teach myself the habit of doing this…and budgeting for these items. I know that my mother may not have realized that I would follow her example so much. And neither did I-until today.
Therefore I am vowing to do a better job in cultivating this habit. No longer can I allow other things to come before I “do my Me thang”. Because at the end of the day, as Mommie says, you still have to love yourself before anyone else does.

What habits did you form that you want to change? What are some ways that you show yourself some Love?



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