7 Months & Counting…

Seven months ago, I became a Wife.  At that time, I really did not know what to expect and at the same time was not trying to have any expectations. I just wanted to “evolve” into this new phase of my life. And so far..I think the evolution is “fitting me” well. Often people remark about the “Glow” I now have and that I look happy.

And I have to admit that I am! Now don’t get me wrong…there have been some difficult days, uncertain days…gloomy moments of dread and wondering did I do the right thing. But every single night for the past 209 nights, I have looked over at my sleeping husband and prayed, “God. you have put me on this path…please let it be the right one and where you want me to be. Let me be the Wife that you expect me to be. Give me the strength and courage to be a good Wife and let me always remember the Vision this man and I have set for our marriage (remember we made one during our pre-marital session and it is now framed in our bedroom). Amen” Saying this little prayer at times calms me, gives me peace, or even keeps me from blowing up at my husband. It helps me to affirm that I am exactly where God meant for me to be…

You see, I met the Hubbs in middle school and no one in a million years could tell me that this would be my LifeMate, my best friend, the husband I would chose (and asked God to chose for me). So you see, you never know what is in store for you and you have to know that what is for You is for YOU!  So, here we are seven months into a beautiful journey that we agreed and vowed to embark upon…me, the Hubbs, and our RockySparky. And oh boy, the lessons we have learned, the laughter we have shared, the love we have shown so far have been something else. But I’m looking forward to reaching the year milestone (and many more years to come!) and celebrating each step all the way.

And to my Hubbs, thank you…I love you so very much! Muuuahhh


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