Designing my Happiness Manifesto

As we continue with on our conversation about coming into my authencity…it made me question, “First, what makes YOU happy?”. To answer this I often, as a new year was ushered in, would resolve to do a Vision Board…well, it never quite works out that way. But I truly believe in visualizing your dreams and putting them out so that they can come into fruition. However, after receiving and reading the Happiness Project newsletter (Gretchen Rubin), I began to think that designing my very own Happiness/Life Manifesto could help me answer the question of happiness. Firstly, a manifesto is defined as a written statement declaring publicly the intentions, motives, or views of its issuer. Therefore, I will declare those things that I deem to make me happy and true to me.

In beginning this exercise, I found many examples of manifestos, one famous one was the Holstee Manifesto (Click here to check it out! Great inspiration Many of the statements rang true to me, but still not in my own words. So I found a fill in the blank template (below) that I thought would give me a great start. After completing them, I will decide on five to include in my Happiness/Life Manifesto. I, also years ago. received a metal  bookmark of sorts that included 5 items that I try to remember and apply on a daily basis. They are a must for my manifesto. The plan is for the manifesto to be a birthing place for my vision board(s) to come! Join me in designing your own life manifesto! Use the template as a springboard as well.

Ideas from the bookmark: Free your heart from hatred; Free your mind from worries; live simply; Give more; Expect less.

I am __a  strong, loving, intelligent Black woman  .____

I believe __in _life and God._____________________________________

I love _love; especially of my family and friends.________________________

What I know for sure is _life is full of possibilities…we just have to find ours and live them out fully. _

I’ve never been  more happy than when __I feel fully accepted, appreciated, understood, and loved, and doing things that make me smile._______________

I wish all of us could __just be honest, loving, and understanding of everyone.____

I dream of _a happy, full, successful life with all of those that I love.____________

People tell me I am __kind, smart, and helpful._____________________________

I was born to __write, love, and give all that I can within reason.________________

What I want most in the world is to _feel the complete love and happiness of God.___

The words I hold closest to my heart is _Live, Laughter, and Love._______________

I live for _ happiness, laughter, and love /finding pure relaxation._____

I believe the most important thing  in a person is to be _honest and love self and others._________

The big idea of my life is _helping others.____________________________________________

I am dedicated to learning how to hear God’s voice, so I can have better direction in my marriage, career, and life in general.

Happiness is _laughter, the color orange-red, finding small blessings in everything! ______

I feel most alive when _I am loved, relaxed, laughing, and feel empowered._____

Share your ideas for a Life Manifesto!

Peace, Love, Life, Faith


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