The Almost Mid-week Casual Thoughts of a Wife

Often as I’m driving home, I use it as my time to transition from a working woman to a wife. This is when I think of various things….

Today’s thoughts:

Lord. am I going to be that type of wife that has to grocery shop everyday in order to cook a meal everyday? But we truly need to eat in more! So if we are to do this, I guess this will be the way it is done!  Smile.

Last year was very much our year of favor! Wondering if now the devil is trying to penetrate that? We are in some trying times. But I continue to pray for God’s favor and stand on his Promises.

Ready for summer, time off, relaxation, and renewing! Looking forward.

I’m so addicted to Instagram and Pinterest lately…why?! Love pictures…life in pictures….INSPIRING!

How can I get By MochaChic into something bigger…than me?!

Hope the Hubbs is ready to chill, eat, and talk some….need him as a soundboard (he knows I’m ALWAYS thinking! LOL)

What can I do today to improve my marriage? Encourage & support the Hubbs?

I seriously wonder when we will have children? Loving the Newlywed Life and bonding. Really not sure….Speaking of…

Rocky Sparky makes anyone feel glad to be home! He gets so excited just about your very presence!

Truly feeling blessed….I need to write more thoughts down….

But the laundry won’t fold itself…and I want a good home coming for the Hubbs! (Wife note: You want him to want to be home…make it welcoming!)


I have only about a 30 minute commute, so these were just a few thoughts…I’m not perfect, but sometimes it’s just sometimes good to share…What were your thoughts today?? Share!


Peace, Life, Love, Faith


One thought on “The Almost Mid-week Casual Thoughts of a Wife

  1. My thoughts today are just to make it through the day. Cooking in is hard but with 2 small kids it’s easier than having to tell them to stop at the restaurants. We have a schedule and I think it’s easier because I am at home. When I use to work I never cooked by the time I got home it was 7 and kids had to get ready for bed. Good luck and make the crockpot your friend.

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