Summer Resolutions

It’s almost here…I can now actually smell it…feel it…it’s about to MINE! My summer vacation from work becomes reality in T minus 2 days. And I almost treat it like it’s  a “new year” because this morning (again while commuting) I was thinking, what are my goals for this summer??? Basically, it boils down to this…. Peace, Health, Connect, and Relaxation.


– I want to grow in my spirituality and do what things make me feel good and continue on my journey to being authentic. Peace will come from this I’m sure!  I want to also create peace in my home by cleaning out and organizing some things and learning new “wife skills” (ie cooking,compromising, etc.) that also increase the peace! Smile…lol.


– It is time to get in wonderful shape….will be working out the body(have to take much better care of it! Besides I want to look HAWT!), mind(reading, learning), and soul…


– Get back to connecting with those that I love and care about! As the Hubbs and I move our way to our first Anniversary (October) we can take time to celebrate the time we spent preparing (we got engaged during summer) and reconnect in new & better ways. I also want to spend time with my good girlfriends and family. Without them…couldn’t be who I am and do what I do.


-Go to the Beach!! Go on a vacation…Go to the Beach….oh and  Spend time relaxing…more pool time…more massages….more music (it lifts my mood and soothes me). I have allowed stress to overcome my life and now my body is turning on me in rebellion! I have had more things to happen to my little body that hasn’t ever happen before and enough is enough…I know that stress is the culprit. So out it goes! I will find ways to live, laugh,and love so that I am relaxed!

I am aiming to go back to work renewed and refreshed. Now these are some resolutions that are non-negotiable and I can manage…so off we go!

What are y’all doing this summer? Any goals or resolutions???

Peace,Life, Love, Faith

*Courtesy of Google Images of Summer


2 thoughts on “Summer Resolutions

  1. Rosemary says:

    Loved this post! Here are some of my summer resolutions:

    From elementary school until high school graduation, I wrote a lot for pleasure. I still have all the notebooks I filled with random poems, songs, short stories, etc. Over the last few years I’ve stopped and started back with writing, but not on a consistent basis. This year one of my goals has been to write consistently, and I’ve done okay so far this year. Summer is where I plan to put much more time into it.

    Healthy eating/exercise:
    I always say I spend the summer losing weight and the school year just trying to maintain what I lost. While I do a pretty good job watching what I eat during the school year, exercise can be difficult sometimes. Some months I’m consistent, others not so much (May for example). Summer is when I always fully commit myself to doing some type of exercise 4-5 times a week, and it always pays off.

    I love to read, and I read all year long, but of course there’s a lot more time in summer. I have a list of books I want to read which includes fiction and books that interest me professionally. Using helps me to keep track of what I’ve read and want to read.

    • bymochachic says:

      Rosemary, thanks for sharing! These are great goals!! I’ve heard that was pretty good…might have to use it! Let’s keep each other informed on how our summer resolutions are going! Have fun!

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