Almost Mid-Week Thoughts of a Wife

Today I didn’t have a commute to have time to think because I’m now off from work for the summer. However, as the Hubbs can tell you, I am always thinking!!!

So today’s thoughts have been:

Looking forward to continuing getting healthy! Worked out for the first times in months and it’s good! I just really need a workout partner-for accountability and I hope that this positive motivation continues!

Going to go back to limiting my sweets…I used to do once a week (and made sure it was worth it!) but went quickly to eating whatever I want. So back to once a week…and fro-yo or healthy tarts or pies(does that exist?).

I’m not going to allow myself to “grow up” and become an uptight, control freak! I will learn to relax!!! See “Summer Resolutions”…

Although I hate that the young folk use “YOLO” to do crazy shit…I am with the mantra and understand it…You only live once…therfore I’m going to make the most of it! Speaking of…

What is my purpose and calling? I want to build an “empire” but need to know what direction to go in…

Why is this thing called marriage a little harder than I thought…it’s not what I “expected” but it’s good…like the wildest and best ride I’ve ever been on!

Lastly, for today…what’s for dinner (yeah…you guessed it…I didn’t make it to the grocery store…shame on me!)???  🙂

What were your thoughts today?

Peace, Life, Love, Faith


One thought on “Almost Mid-Week Thoughts of a Wife

  1. Oh, I need to get back on my exercise kick as well. We can be accountability partners. I need one for sure!

    Hey this thing called marriage is hard. If it was easy everyone would do it! Just understand marriage is a growing thing. You change, your spouse change, but you must understand this change & accept that it will happen. Communication is the key to any marriage! Talk, talk, share, share….don’t think its to small or to big to share with your spouse.

    Plus you have resources, like Still Dating My Spouse, to help with the craziness of marriage LOL

    Still Dating My Spouse

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