A Great Weekend

I  started out thinking that I didn’t want to share our fab date idea (I think we are going to adopt it as a monthly event!) that just so happen to come about over the weekend!But some things are for sharing….!

It kind of started with me, earlier in the week and on impulse, purchasing tickets for us to the Saturday night improv comedy show. We were definitely looking forward to relaxing and some laughter! Then on Saturday, the Hubbs said he was surprising me with a lunch date and it was to somewhere we hadn’t been yet! I was intrigued to know, but I also like good surprises so I just waited to see where he was sweeping me off to. So slowly this whole day date was forming….

We went to a restaurant that both of us have passed on numerous occasions in the Highland area….Burger Tap (www.burgertap.com). The food was good and we were able to sit out on their patio, which was perfect… The weather on Saturday was absolutely superb! We both ended up commenting on how we were full, but not so much that we were sluggish. So we continued our afternoon by walking to other places in the area. We even stopped to have beverages at a place called, The Family Dog (www.thefamilydogatlanta.com).  We wanted to see if it was also a place that we could bring our doggie to hang out at (only outside of their patio is he welcomed :-/). However, we were not completely let down…this place had a huge assortment of beverages and the menu didn’t look too bad! I decided instead of a glass of wine (which I was always get), I ordered a cocktail, The Short Leash. Soooo yummie!

Then we ventured on home for a bit to rest and get ready for the improv show! The Hubbs had never been to one before and it has been ages since I had gone to one too. So we were excited to continue on our date! Many laughs and a few drinks later…I figured out that today was the type of date that we need to have every month! And that it didn’t take much planning! It also focuses on my favorite theme for our journey…LIVE, LAUGH, LOVE!

We ended up topping off the night with a late night dinner of appetizers at another place, the Bucket Shop (www.bucketshopcafe.com) we have always wanted to go to and a good friend who works there had been encouraging the Hubbs to come by! And what fun we had! Great food, great drinks, and great conversations…please be sure to check them out sometimes!

We lived by going to places we hadn’t been before but wanted to try!

We laughed by going to the improv comedy show and letting ourselves loose and enjoying it!

We loved because what a better way to show someone how much you love them by spending quality time together, and well you know more of that “show and tell of lovin” took place later (we are newlyweds!)….*frisky smile*

This weekend left us wanting to experience more together and making memories is a priority for us! I can’t wait to see what happens with next month’s LLLDate!

How was your weekend? What is a great date you have been on that you want you to share?!

Peace, Life, Love, Faith


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