The Journey to Long…

When I was a sophomore at Tuskegee, I was “allowed by my mother” to finally cut my hair! It went from somewhere a little past my shoulder to a pixie-a-la-Halle Berry cut!! Fell in love with it! And ever since then, I would try to maintain that shortness. It always made me feel like I was a Diva…empowered…a B.I.T.C.H.(a babe in total control of herself!).

As years passed, my hair and I continued to have a love and sometimes hate relationship. But we have endured…good, bad..and divaness. When I prepared for our wedding, I thought that I would have this beautiful sophisticated side chignon.Therefore, the growing plan had begun (knowing that I would eventually have to add some pieces too). But as we changed the location, so did my plan for my hair. I cut it!  Despite the skeptics, it turned out to be a good move to go along with my dress and birdcage veil. Loved it and couldn’t have asked for a better look on our special day!

After the wedding, I began to ask the Hubbs about his opinion of my hair, for I was feeling at somewhat of a crossroads (again) about it. He suggested that I grow it again. I think he likes it long because it was that way when we met (in 6th grade!Lol). So here I am on a journey and quest to growing my hair and making it healthier (age does some different stuff to it!).

This is my hair currently. I have begun to take Biotin supplement to help in the process. So far we are on our way. Then I began to ponder…what are we going to do with all this hair when we get it!!!? Oh my…then it hit me…my hair inspiration comes from someone that I admire in so many ways. But as any black woman would tell you, our hair is our glory. Somehow or another, we find strength in it, no matter what we have on, it must always be right! It represents us. So this woman, I don’t mind calling a role model and looking to for “guidance”. If I can get my hair to be like the First Lady Michelle Obama’s then I know that I have done well!

Isn’t it gorgeous in this picture?! Love….What do you all think? Good choice? What advice do you all have about growing hair longer, healthier, and stronger? What other journeys are you all on?  As always, please share!

Peace, Life, Love, Faith


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