The Almost Mid-Week Casual Thoughts of a Wife

So far the summer break has been a good one. I’ve been spending time with Rocky (our Yorkie-Poodle), family, and friends. But as always, I have also taken time to be introspective…okay…had some thoughts! LOL…here they are:

  • Little by little I am checking things off of my Summer list…but there is soooo much more to be done…but I have determination on my side (and I am somewhat tenacious…lol). oh home projects…how I love thee…you will be done! More on this and pics to come!
  • I have this great Martha Stewart cooking book that one of my fav line sisters gave me as a shower gift and I am determined to use it more often (hmmm I wonder if she has a recipe in there for these fried green tomatoes that I am doing tonight?).
  • I love the free things that summer has to offer! I have scored two tickets (did I mention free…?) to an event that I can see us turning into a LLL date soon. So excited and on the look out for more offers that will spur ideas!
  • Speaking of ideas, lately (read as” mostly yesterday and today”…lol) I have been changing my viewpoint and perception on a lot of things lately….this has been somewhat exciting and has made me feel empowered! I have to admit that some things, most out of my control, have not been going the way I like…so in order to handle/deal/learn better and from it, I have changed my thought process and therefore, it has changed my emotions (happier wife, makes a happier life!). So we will see if I can continue to work on this!
  • Other things in the works are the evolution of this blog..I think I have more ideas of how to narrow the focus and better the enjoyment of By MochaChic! Writing is indeed one of my passions and I intend to see it become what it needs and desires to be! #mynewsidehustle
  • I am still in love with Pinterest! It just keeps getting better and better…and Instagram… through pictures…enough said.
  • I’ve got to get going so I can fix dinner…the Hubbs will be home soon!

Fun @ Pinkberry! Love…YUM

Thanks for letting me ramble, as usual! What has been on your mind today??
Peace, Life, Love, Faith

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