Taking Care of Home

Yesterday, I spent most of the day being a Domestic Diva…washing/folding laundry, cleaning/sprucing things up around the house, even some tasks I hate (cleaning bathrooms 😛 ). I have been raised, I guess, that it is important for a woman to take diligent care of her surroundings, not just for her, but for the well-being of all that are in and visit her home. As I was “working”,  I meant cleaning, it also occurred to me that “I” am “Home” also….

I then went to the mirror and of course did not completely like what I saw. It kind of hit me like a brick that I am in need of a makeover! Okay, the hair thing is kind of covered, since we are in the process of growing it (and possibly going natural-this is still up in the air!). So onto my clothing… I promptly went to look at magazines and Pinterest to see if I could come up with some ideas….Here are a couple of things I saw that caught my eye.


And of course shoes…which might have to be another post, for we have a special relationship and I would purchase them over anything else! LOL

But at least these pics are an inspiration and just the beginning of me kicking this “taking care of home” journey off to a great start! What else do you do to take care of your home (your physical space and your bodily one)??

Peace, Life, Love, Faith



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