The Almost Mid-week Casual Thoughts of a Wife

Today was a busytime, but as always my mind was in “thinking mode”! Smile. Here were some of my casual thoughts…

* Today was full of gratitude! I can’t say enough about the grace God continues to show and give us! Have to send up praises and love to our Father above.

* The Holiday is upon us and not quite sure what we are going to do…but just looking forward to more time with the Hubbs…and hopefully friends too. Will also take time to remember the importance of the day.

* Speaking of friendships…I met close college friends of the Hubbs (that he has talked about for a long time) and really loved them! Can’t wait until we spend time together…will be sure that it won’t be so long between visits. This also gave me more insight into my husband….was nice! Increasing our circle and spending time with our friends together is also bringing us closer.

* It has been soooo hot lately that I have been trying to come up with creative ways to stay cool….so this past week on our Staycay 2012, the Hubbs and I had strategy sessions in our pool! Haha! Nothing great came out these sessions except for plans of the future and lessons that we are learning as NewlyWeds. So maybe these were good sessions after all! But hopefully the rain today will cool things down we need some type of relief and Hubbs has returned to work 😦 

*  The biggest To-Do’s on my list are growing! Our one year anniversary is in 3 months, the Hubbs has a big birthday coming up, we are both taking on some big initiatives lately, and I want to take ByMochaChic to a new level (would be nice to make moula from her…le sigh). So planning, planning, and more planning! But I am feeling up for the challenge…for these are things that will bring me great joy! So on we go!

Well, the loft will not clean itself and the laundry is constantly calling our name, so I will go! What have y’all been thinking about?



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