What a wonderful 4th of July we had! Spent time with friends with a sprinkle of fireworks in there….so good times overall! However, when prayers were said before sleep fell upon me, I thanked God for the Freedoms we have in the US.
Now granted the talk about Blacks not being free in 1776 is not far from my thoughts when I think of freedom back then. But now  that we are, that is free, we must honor how that came to be and how different we, as a people and personally, would be if America was not a country of the Free and home of the Brave. Therefore I don’t take it for granted!
Especially being a woman and being of a darker hue, it is a true blessing that I was born here. Anywhere else my Freedom of being me would not be- educated, can make a living, go anywhere I like when I like and with whom I like, have a voice that can be heard from anywhere from my writings to the voting booths, and marry whom I wanted to.
So this holiday is really something to be celebrated and in more ways than just BBQs, fireworks, and a day off. Celebrate it in all ways everyday!
Exercise your freedom of speech/expression responsibly.
Exercise your freedom of good citizenship by voting in every election no matter how small or big.
Exercise your freedom to be you  by choosing happiness, making a difference, and becoming successful all according to YOUR  standards.
Love Freedoms! Can’t beat it!



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