Back in the day, a lot of times Black folks used Sunday as a day for visiting many loved ones and family friends. You would stop by for a quick little chitchat or all out visit with dinner included. I have continued this in my own way by making an effort to “visit” with some of my girlfriends through phone calls or even video chats. We even will have bookclub on some Sunday’s for this purpose. It is our time to catch up with one another and even more importantly, offer little tidbits of info that makes life easier. So as a way of tradition…at ByMochaChic we will serve Sundays for our ChicChat.
In today’s ChicChat,

* I found this great uplifting and inspiring website. Please check them out!

* Watched “Sex and the City”for the umpteenth time…but I realized how much I do love Love…how much I am obessed with the design of her redocorated apartment (used to have my bedroom similar to hers).

* I absolutely love our dog, Rocky. He brings us so much unconditional love, laughter, and many attempts to sloppily kiss us! Lol! But what we love most is how he greets us like he hasn’t seen us in a million years! That enthusiam is what we should show all of our friends and loved ones.

* Had a discussion with some people this week about how “entitled” our youth are. Geesh I mean they think that just because they are here and breathing… they are special! I wish they knew about the great reward hard work gives and brings… because of that…we are special! We are using old school ways to raise new jack kids…where are we and did we go wrong? How can we get things back on track?

* Really wish we could have gone to Essence Music Fest….the Hubbs nor I have attended before. Then it got me to thinking…we need a Bucket List…on the next To Do list.

* Want to close with prayers to anyone and to all who just need some love, support, uplifting, and kindess shown to them. Lord, guide our feet to happiness, success, and blessings!

Share with me what tidbits you came across this week? Please chit chat with me!



One thought on “ChicChat

  1. I love the marc and angel website! I’m never disappointed with their posts! Essence festival is on my bucket list! The little diva’s arrival put it on the back3 burner but it’s a to-do in 2014 for sure!

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