Monday is for Making Moves….

Anyone that knows me knows that I get a “Case of the Monday Blues” every Monday…even on the summer break! Not sure why, but it just is a drag to me! Like anything else, in order to make it better for you, sometimes you have to change your perception of it. Therefore, I’ve decided that before I return to work, Mondays needed to be something a little more positive. So I have reshaped it as a day that should be of productivity to kick off the week, you know making moves! Do something that will be checked off of your ToDo list and move you closer and closer to your goals and dreams!

The school where I work is also an International Baccalaureate school and we focus on 10 characteristics that we desire to see in our students. One of them that I love is Risk-Taker… I bring this up because in order to make moves, most times you also have to be a risk-taker… from something as small as coming out of your normal comfort zone to really big like sacrificing your job to pursue the career you feel destined for! I believe that Mondays are made for making plans to be a risk taker and get out and do your thing! Yes…I’m getting a little excited now about Mondays!

What did I do to make moves today? I completed the FAFSA form  to receive aid for school. A very critical step so that I can move closer to going back to school in the fall for my Specialist degree and on to a Ph.D. that is calling my name! How was it risk-taking? Well, I am afraid about going to school and working full-time and still learning to be a new  wife…but as with anything in my life, I know that God is calling me to do this, so it will be okay. I’m going to learn today (in my Kevin Hart’s voice!). I’m ready and something about being a risk-taker makes one feel empowered! Now I’m looking forward to next Monday…what moves will I make then?

What moves did you make today? What parts of our your life have you been a risk-taker? How do you feel about Mondays?


Peace, Life, Love, Faith



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