Almost Mid-Week Casual Thoughts of a Wife

Hey y’all!

This week has been one of an emotional rollercoaster of sorts for me…but I’m working my way back up to good! But some thoughts that crossed my mind…

* How do you let something go? Like a grudge? How do you learn to forgive and move on?

* The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People has come to the forefront of my mind since its author, Stephen Covey passed… my favorite habit-  Synergize…I’m still working on the habits of Begin with the End in Mind and Seek first to understand, then to be understood. What do you think of these habits?

*I am so wanting something really good, sweet, and not so good for my body right now…I deserve it though, don’t I? Need to celebrate the wonderful growth that my hair is making on our journey to long! It’s really pretty…note to self: please keep yourself jazzy…not only for the Hubbs, but for you too!

*Wow…my summer has flashed before my eyes! I return to my full-time job in two weeks. Can’t focus on where the time has gone,nor on the fact that I didn’t quite get my vacay in the sand like I wanted (sigh). But I will begin to focus on being renewed and re-engergized about the new year ahead!

* Speaking of counseling…There needs to be a support group of sorts for new wives…not to really talk about the particulars of our marriages, but just how to handle things that arise…again, I say, you are never ready or prepared enough…life changing is the least thing to say!

* Need some new music to breathe into my life….you know there are just some songs that are the soundtrack to your life…defines the moments.

* Happy thoughts, happy thoughts, happy thoughts….bringing more positive vibes so that the rest of the week goes well! I just hate certain times of the month…have me in a weird way and the afternoon summer thunderstorms don’t help (only reflect how I’m feeling inside… sunny one minute..a storm the next)… maybe this will help

On to my wifely duties….

Peace, Life, Love, Faith



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