ChicChat #2

Hey y’all! Today was a good day! Started out with a great worship experience via the interwebbie of the service at Impact United Methodist ( Please check out Pastor Olu Brown…he is a young, talented, and surely up and coming to great things…however, he always delivers a wonderful message! Today’s was thought provoking and spirit pushing! The title was Is God a Man or Woman?..I know, right!? He eventually led us to the point that God is I am…everything or anything we need! Amen!! He also mentioned a book, “The Shack”, that I hadn’t read in a while and think I will re-read! Love that book! Will post more on this later!

Then off the Hubbs and I went off on a little adventure….I surprised him with a trip to a new local park and for us to have our own little photo shoot! Was good and could’ve been great if it hadn’t been so hot! LOL…gotta love the south! However, we love seeing new things together, so…we took pics and walked around….I think this will become a part of another LLL Date idea…but I will post pics from today in a different post! Now back to the park, it is  a beautiful piece of greenspace and makes me so excited about the things that are beginning to happen in Atlanta. Being a native, sometimes you don’t take the time to appreciate the little things and developments…but F.I.L.A.!

Last but not least, I have been on the fence about becoming, ehuhum… a little more bold in my makeup…being a medium to darker mocha chic, I had been afraid…I mean AFRAID to try a lighter colored lip than my normal shades of neutral (a light gloss to my dark MAC Film Noir). But ladies (and gents) I am proud to say that I have stepped out and taken a leap of FAITH! I had been mentioning to a few folks about trying a pretty red lip (my fav color of course!) and Twitter answered! A couple of my followers (thanks Q. Elise and LoveAlways_Mac) suggested I look at MAC Ruby Woo and also suggested this blog,  When I visited it, I felt that it was my duty and right as an empowering MochaChic to be Redy(will be purchasing the t-shirt too…very cute)!!! Their premise is that we need to empower each other by showing how bold and beautiful we can be through a bold red  lip color and how it exudes confidence. So I’ve taken the opportunity and purchased some Ruby Woo! Check out pics below…the color was also Hubbs Approved! He loves it. And honestly I do too! I feel so feminine and glitzy! I can’ t help but feel stylish and confident! Love! What do you all think?



And on another front…I have work  tomorrow!! Not yet the first official day back, but I will be in the building. Looking forward to another great school year. I have so much planning to do…sounds like something else we need to chat about…maybe next week! Ciao!



2 thoughts on “ChicChat #2

  1. Darivia Chancelor says:

    It was great reading your blog today Courtney. I found it most inspiring and uplifting. We as educator find ourselves making it a priority to be imaginative and creative all the time. Besides we encourage minds everyday. So we have to be on going learners to better at our craft. Looking forward to reading more of your blogs.

    • bymochachic says:

      Thank you sooo much Darivia! Yes, we have to keep learning and living! I love my creative side and had to find a way to express it…thank you so much for visiting my blog and come back often and comment often!!! Love ya.

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