The Legacy continues…

Today marked a wonderful milestone in our family’s journey…our youngest member, my niece, began her formal educational career! Kindergarten!!! I was soo excited for her! She said that she wanted to go to school so she could learn how to read…I’m so happy that she has a passion to learn. I’ve come across so many students that have had that spark diminished because of struggles, lack of support and motivation, and the importance of education not being stressed by those around them. It saddens me, but makes me work harder as an educator! There is success to be had…

Then a thought occurred to me….my sister and I are fourth generation college graduates. Truly our family believes in the solid foundation of an education-of life and in books. And this day made me joyful because another princess in our family is on her way to becoming a college-educated woman! The legacy continues…we making moves!!

My College Graduation from Tuskegee 🙂


Peace,Life, Love, Faith


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