Blessings of a Birthday

Yay! I’m another year older…hopefully wiser and even more beautiful! But what I do know is that I am another year BLESSED! I have pretty good health (working on some things), sound mind (did I share that my classes for my Specialist degree started this week?), and have sooo much love around me that it is hard for me to not to see nor feel it! 

Ever since I was a little girl, I have always “made a big deal” out of my birthday. It was partly my Mommie’s fault because she always treated our birthdays special (even now as adults!). So when the time approaches, I am good to “announce it” and begin to plan some type of celebration. they have ranged from small to big! And honestly I don’t know why I have to make such a big deal….until it hit me on yesterday. I see my birthday and gathering to celebrate it as a time to thank the special folks in my life for being in my life providing me with such love and support that sustains me from year to year! 

This year there will be a gathering…somewhat on the smaller end, but still time to show the people that I have chosen as my family, called my friends, how much I appreciate them. On my actual birthday, we celebrated with a family dinner at my parents’ home with great enough fanfare…dinner (crepes, I requested), gifts (more great things to represent my DST, earrings, and beautiful cards), and of course much laughter and love. I can’t even explain how blessed I feel and felt! Even at work, I had great birthday love shared and social media wasn’t lacking either! A girl felt overwhelmed by the well wishes…brought tears to the eyes and a joy in my heart!

My grandfather used to say, “You live your life right, you will know.” I definitely now know that I’m doing something right, and I will continue to do so! Blessings of  a birthday!




4 thoughts on “Blessings of a Birthday

    • bymochachic says:

      AWWW thank you Hubbs! You should read the thoughts I have about you…but that’s for another time and a little more private! Love you…

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