Yesterday sparked something that I want to make sure that I do at least one Wednesday a month….a random act of kindness. Every morning the Hubbs and I watch 11Alive Newscast and they always are doing a random act of kindness for someone. Just seeing that starts my morning off on a positive note! Then they announced that August 22nd was proclaimed by our Governor to be Random Acts of Kindness Day in Georgia! It made my heart leap with joy! And so fitting that it would be on my birthday!

So I kind of knew what I wanted to do…but not quite how! I purchased a beautiful bouquet of  red carnations..I figured who wouldn’t want to receive flowers for  “just because”?! I knew that I wanted to give them to someone on my parents’ side of town…so the closer I got there…the more “frightened” I became at the thought of just rolling down my window and handing off some flowers to someone.  Then I came to their neighborhood CVS. I’ve been in there often and know that most of the women in there are older, or even single moms…so deserving of beautiful flowers. I pulled into the parking lot, pulled up next to a Chevy Malibu and left the flowers…with a note that said, ” Enjoy…Keep Smiling…Random Act of Kindness 2012″. I truly and really hope that whoever the receiver was will enjoy them as much I did getting  and leaving it for them.

Such a great feeling that I’ve decided that I will do an act of kindness at least once a month and always on a Wednesday as a pickme up in the middle of the week! So here’s to RAOK!!!

Random Act of Kindness
Red Carnations


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