ChicChat #3

As another season begins it’s approach, the chitchat among the ladies has turned to fashion! I absolutely love the autumn season. The crispness of the air…the “warmth & coziness” that everyone begins to seek…it’s just perfect! I guess that’s why I wanted to get married during that time (although it was still HAWT in Jamaica then..but that’s another story *waving hands*).

But now that we are thinking of fashion and what we plan to style ourselves in…I began to do an inventory of my closet.  I’ve decided to   keep a few things, repurpose some things, and throw out others! But overall, my future purchases will include timeless, simple pieces with accessories to give my outfits a PUNCH! I rather spend money updating my jewelry, handbags, and shoes…than having to always spend money on trendy clothing! I also want to give a try to thrifting and incorporate more vintage pieces to my accessory list.

Then I began to think about what are my top 5 must have autumn accessories? So far, this is what I’ve come up with…

1.A pair of black and a pair of brown, flat heeled riding boots (,dsw12cat1740052,dsw12cat1740086 )

2. Rhinestone pyramid stud earrings ( )

3. big black hobo purse  ( )

4. red clutch bag  ( )

5. monogrammed necklace (one in gold and one in silver). ( )

I have a few others, but I want to focus on obtaining these pieces first! When I purchase them…will post pics!

** Also, during our last ChicChat, I mentioned a little adventure the Hubbs and I went on and I finally have the pics downloaded…here are some! Can you feel the breath of fresh air?! This park is great and I can’t wait for us to go back… (and in the photo with me, nooo not preggers, just the way the dress bloused out! Started not to put it…).Enjoy.



Until next time…



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