The Mid-week Thoughts of a Wife….

This week has been a little nuts…but I am determined to finish strong and on a POSITIVE note! Of course I have had some thoughts that I’ve got to share…


♥ I’m loving my online degree program…I’m able to work at my own pace…and I’m still learning a lot!

♥ I need to get my life a little more organized…the loft space still needs to turn magically into our home office; the laundry and other household duties need to be split up some and put on a schedule (school is priority!); doctor appointments need to be made; some “Me” time and Couple time!

♥ The “Hair Journey” is continuing!!! We are making progress and we just might make it the first of October goal of touching the shoulders! Take a looksie… What do you all think about it??!

Hair Journey continues…

♥  The fitness thing has to get back on board too! How in the world have I ended up with so many things left hanging?!!

♥ I’m so ready for November to get here so that this election is over! All of the negative ads and such are on my nerves… and I really don’t know how much more I can take of the bashing of President Obama…but then again, we used to bash Bush the same…I guess…

♥ I had a wonderful birthday week and a huge part of that was due to my Hubbs! He really did make it a special and so did my friends and the rest of my fam! A girl is truly blessed!

Speaking of blessings….I am truly happy that one constant in my life has been my daily devotions that I have been  reading every morning without fail. My spiritual walk and talk has become so important to me and I’m happy in developing my relationship with God…it truly is a blessing in itself!

Well, I guess the bookclub book won’t read itself, nor the Chinese food eaten alone…gotta go! Until next time…

Peace,Life,Love, Faith


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